20 August 2007

Ode to Cape Cod (The End of Summer)

Scallop rolls
Clam Fritters
Sandy legs and feet
Hyannis traffic
Rotaries no one knows how to use properly
Captain Frosty's
Herring Cove
Commercial Street
Route 6A
Tim's Books
Mayflower Beach
Chapin Memorial Beach
Swimming in the bay
$15 beach parking passes
Butch lesbians! Beach lesbians! Golfing lesbians!
(and oddly enough, yet more lesbians)
The Beautiful Lisa's beautiful house
Crappy beach chairs from Christmas Tree Shop
Diet Guaraná
Clem and Ursi's
Plymouth and Brockton busses
(which I always thought of as PB and J busses)
Beach reading: Invisible Eden, Running with Scissors, and Becoming a Man
Avène 20 SPF spray
Going to sleep and waking up with Mr. Gordo

Returning to regular land-locked programming presently— Arrive Cold City tomorrow.


adjunct whore said...

omg this sounds so heavenly....i miss welfleet and p-town and fried clams and whole lobsters and sitting in the sun.

sorry it had to end.

MaggieMay said...

Sigh. I love the Cape. I love P- Town. I love cheap shit from the Christmas Tree store, and the dunes, and scallop rolls.

Sigh. Am landlocked. And hate it.

Rent Party said...

OH qu'est-ce que c'est beau. Nous, on est aux cours, c'est dingue.

Anonymous said...