13 June 2007

Summer Confidential

Busy tying up things in Big Eastern City before I travel to the West Coast next week. A trip to the Cape, various social appointments, seeing my God son, finishing up work from the year, far away from Cold City. Recent themes: Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, Neutrogena Rainbath, La Roche-Posay's Creme Moussante Desincrustante, Trader Joe's with Big Sis (and her obligatory bottle of wine), stress and its effects on the body (let's just say, past is prologue, unfortunately).

Following this, an interesting research project for the overly curious or bored:

What (in)famous scholarly-ish conservative monthly recently featured a piece on an institution affiliated with Sadistic College, which aside from its furious reactionary perspective, actually captured the essence of the place rather sharply?


Professor Zero said...

I cannot imagine, but am dying to know.

La Vicks said...

Please tell! And what are you desincrustating girlfriend??? Too much sand on your from chasing after Portuguese boys on the cape?